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Digital transformation of the entire world is happening in front of our very eyes. You don’t need to be an expert to see that after 2020 the internet penetrates every area of our lives. Integrating technology into your business is no longer a matter of competitive advantage; it’s becoming a matter of survival.

Digital Transformation Service Providers (DXSPs) are organisations that are able to deliver transformational use cases for enterprise (as illustrated on the right side of the chart, below) using disruptive new technologies (such as AI and IoT, as shown on the left), while often at the same time being engaged in helping the enterprise to make the internal transformations necessary to fully realise the benefits (as illustrated in the centre).

Digital Transformation Specialist

My name is Dave Graham, CEO of The Digital Label 2023 Limited (New Zealand), a specialist in IT, telecommunications, web and all things digital.  I focus on digitisation opportunities to help businesses’ overall performance. Being outfitted with the education, experience, skills, and determination to assist businesses take their internal processes, services, and products to the next level.  

The Digital Lab 2023 Limited
Address: 9D, 17 Albert Street
Auckand CBD, New Zealand Phone: 027 309 1230
Company No: 8257252
NZBN: 9429050041220
The Digital Lab 2023 Limited, 9D, 17 Albert Street, Auckland, New Zealand

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